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Musketier Bloemen
Laan van Verhof 3 Locatie F4.02
2231 BZ Rijnsburg

Musketier Bloemen can be contacted 24/7. If you have any questions, please call us, send an email, or use WhatsApp or the chat function on the website.

Willem Schoneveld

Tel NL : +316 109 023 15
Tel CH : +41 79 349 00 70

Hans van der Meij

Tel NL : +316 537 371 49
Tel CH : +41 79 355 87 32

Danny Schoneveld

Tel NL : +316 106 016 21

Johnny van den Bosch

Tel NL : +316 228 938 60

Marco Koppe

Tel NL : +316 514 348 81

Gert van klaveren

Koos van den Bosch

Jan Schoneveld

Stefan van der mey

Theo van den Bosch

Nick ouwehand

Dennis Guijt

Jan van der meij

Tim van den Bosch

Marjan van der meij

Marianne Schoneveld

Always the best quality of cut flowers, delivered with Swiss service


Our buyers are constantly looking for the best and most exclusive flowers. Always an up-to-date assortment of excellent quality.

Hallo wereld.

Personal and engaged

As an engaged partner, we like personal contact. That’s why we can be contacted by phone, by email and WhatsApp 24/7.